Emily Campbell

I'm Emily a third year student completing a Bachelor of Engineering/Arts and this is where you can read about my journey. You may find it similar to the one you'll have, or very different. That's the beauty of university, it's something you can make your own!

I'm from Canberra and went to school at Radford College. I had no intention of studying engineering, but today I couldn't image studying anything else.

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07 August 2015

It’s a really exciting time, as more and more girls are choosing to study engineering.

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Ready, GETSet, GO!

22 May 2015

Last Friday I got to meet 60 girls in College thinking about studying engineering. I was on my best Glambassador behaviour as the ANU hosted these girls for the day.

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Social Engineering

28 April 2015

Every time I start a project, I'll look at not only why the client wants me to do it or why it benefits us directly, but why the project is valuable to some bigger idea.

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Touch Football, Electron Density and an Engineering App.

02 April 2015

Have you ever missed out on selection in a sports team you think you deserved? Have you ever wondered how someone could possibly have made the cut?

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Thinking outside the box

12 March 2015

On one of my rides around Lake Burley Griffin, I noticed a new construction site. It looked to me like it was in its really early phases because everything was still packed up in shipping containers. Six months down the track, I learnt that the shipping containers were the actual structure! This kind of out of the box (pun intended) thinking is super exciting to me from management, manufacturing and materials engineering perspectives.

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Human Pac-man controllers, spanish and philosophy - all in a day!

26 February 2015

The diversity of my experiences in the first two weeks of class is perfectly encapsulated by a regular day last week! I started the day using alligator clips, a circuit board, the conductive capacity of eight student bodies and a whole bunch of team work to become a human controller for an online Pac-man game.

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Welcome to 2015 at ANU

10 February 2015

This year I am a College ANUSA Rep so I’ve been lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look at O-Week and all of the different teams of people working really hard for months to pull it all together. Here are my suggestions for new students during O-Week.

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