CECS Research students

Current news and notices for students

HDR Induction Sessions

The most recent HDR Induction session for new students was held on 25 March 2015 as part of an HDR workshop for new students held at University House. We will advise when the next session will be held.

More information about CECS Inductions can be found on the Engineering and Computer Science Induction page.

Important things to know about your program

Your HDR contacts

Find out more by speaking to one of our friendly staff.

Forms and templates

Sometmes you will need to complete a form for one of the many administrative and academic processes within the University. You are responsible for making sure that any forms that you submit have been signed by you and by your panel chair (if required), before submitting them to your HDR Administrator(in Student Services - see your HDR contacts).

HDR milestones

It is a University requirement for all HDR students to submit regular reporting milestones. They are integral to ensuring that you maintain satisfactory progress, and alert us to any issues that may arise and which may hinder progress towards completing your thesis. You can find relevant PhD monitoring templates here.

Finishing your Degree

Find information here to help you submit your thesis, complete all the requirements of your degree, and apply to graduate.

Did you know that approximately two months before you expect to be ready to submit a thesis, you must notify the Examinations Office via email of your intention to submit??

You can find out more here.

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Personal support and guidance

Student advisors

The student advisor program aims to help you with any problems which affect your study. If you do have concerns please feel free to contact one of the academics in the program. All discussions are confidential and informal.

Student mentors

The student mentor scheme aims to help new research students during the first six months of their program. Mentoring is available to all students but it is expected that all International students arriving direct from overseas will be assigned a mentor.

Student associations

There are many different student-driven associations on campus for socialising, networking and support.

Other support

Dean's travel grants

This grant enables currently enrolled PhD students to spend a period of up to three months undertaking research as an intern at an overseas institution. Grants are for a maximum value of $15,000.

ANU travel grants

Apply for funding support to assist with travel related to your research.

Rules and guidelines

It is important that you become familiar with University rules, policies and guidelines that are likely to affect you as a graduate research student.

Useful reading material

Material here has been gathered from students and staff. If you would like to add anything please email the HDR student team.

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

This code discusses issues like research misconduct, record keeping, how to publish and proper authorship, how to conduct effective peer review, and how to manage conflicts of interest. You must be familiar with these guidelines.

Advice on thesis writing
How to have a bad career in research/academia (PDF)
Ten simple rules for... (best research, getting published, oral presentations, getting grants, etc.) by Philip E. Bourne et al. (PDF).
Poster-Perfect. This article gives some great tips on preparing posters. It is by Edyta Zielinska and it appeared in the August 31, 2011 Careers issue of The Scientist.
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