International student exchange

Planning on an international exchange to complement your studies at ANU?

Going on exchange can be a life changing experience. You can meet new people, discover new places, experience different cultures, learn more about international relations, and develop a well-rounded educational experience that is highly regarded by employers.


Andrew Flint, Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science

I went on exchange to Uppsala, Sweden. I was able to backpack around Europe, I visited Russia, Iceland & the Arctic Circle!

When should I go on exchange?

  • Your third or fourth year in a five year program.
  • Your third year in a four year program.
  • Your second year in semeser 2 or third year in semester 1 of a three year program.

You need to plan early and you should also try to save any electives courses. This will make the selection of courses at a host institution easier.

If you are required to complete a group project or individual project, you need to factor these requirements into your degree plan. If you need to undertake an alternative study pattern to those in your program requirements at ANU, you must obtain the necessary approvals.

Exchange study for Advanced Computing and Software Engineering students may prolong your program duration as you are required to undertake an annual group project in third and fourth year. Please see your convenor for advice on varying your requirements.

If you are in the single Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program, you should avoid going on exchange in your fourth year as you are required to undertake an annual individual research project. If this is unavoidable please make alternative arrangements with the convenor of ENGN4200 Individual Project, to vary your project requirements to enable a semster on exchange.

Students are required to have at least 24 units to complete their degree following an overseas exchange.

Students studying a combined program are required to consult both Colleges.

Where can I go on exchange?

The University and ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science has a number of exchange partners available for engineering and computing students.

Some partners have two semester exchange opportunities, while others have restricted placements. These details vary from year to year and it is best to check these details at the Student Mobility website or through Wattle.

How do I apply?

Step 1

Attend a Student Mobility Program Information Session

If you satisfy the criteria and are interested in going on exchange, you must attend a scheduled Student Mobility Information Session, in particular, look for a dedicated CECS information session. It is also recommended that you research the institutions you are interested in transferring to as well as the semester course offerings, especially for Northern Hemisphere universities.

Step 2

Meet with your College Student Avisor

You need to make an appointment with your College Student Advisor to seek approval to make an application for exchange and to have your degree plan signed. The approved plan is uploaded with your application on Wattle.

Step 3

Select courses at the host institution

Once you receive notification of your exchange placement, select courses (up to six for a single program and up to four in a double degree program) in your semester of exchange at the host institution. Print out the course outlines. The course outlines must include details about the workload, assessments and topics. Alternatively, email the course website links to the approving academic advisor.

Step 4

Meet with your Academic Advisor

You need to have emailed, or made an appointment with the Academic Advisor in the Research School or Engineering, or the Associate Director in the Research School of Computer Science. Please bring the course outlines from the host institution to the appointment to seek course approval for status towards your degree at ANU.

Step 5

Get your enrolment variation form signed and uploaded to Wattle

Once you have received your approval letter, the College Student Advisor will sign your enrolment variation form. You can then upload your approval letter and form on Wattle.

The Exchange Office will provide you with further advice and instructions regarding your travel documents.

Where have our students gone on exchange?

Students from the College of Engineering and Computer Science have gone on exchange in the UK, Switzerland, France, Sweden, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Meet Craig Wang

Bachelor of Engineering (R&D)/Bachelor of Science

Craig recently returned from a semester at ETH Zurich, a leading international university for technology and natural sciences.

Going on exhange has enriched my student experience and given me new life skills.

Craig Wang, Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) /Bachelor of Science

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